Glass Curtain Product Information

Sunflex sliding and folding door systems are suitable for most applications and greatly enhance the value of a building, as they can be integrated into virtually any architecural design. When closed, the transparent wall offers protection against wind, rain, noise and dust. When opened, they give access the entire area. The system can be installed quickly and without the need for costly changes to the building structure

System Information

  • Connection to lateral brickwork with flexible wall connection gasket attached to the pane
  • Intergrated drainage channel to the outside for condensation and cleaning water
  • Floor tracking can be lowered to be flush with the floor (optional)
  • Unipaired air circulation through ventilation gap
  • Available with 6, 8 and 10mm glass depending on the structural requirements
  • Double brush seal with plastic rim at the top and bottom of the panels
  • Wear-resistant maintenance-free fittings
  • Enhanced safety thanks to screwed and glued glass
  • Double locking mechanism
  • Noise reduction up to 11db
  • Tempered safety glass accordng to Bs6206

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