PVC Window & Doors Product Information

Alongside the traditional hinged systems, we have also developed an extensive range of sliding doors and windows. A cheaper alternative to slide and lift and slide and tilt balcony doors are standard slide doors.

The inclusion of one or more sliding windows or doors isn't just an architecturally and aesthetically sensible option, it also provides maximum light and the opportunity to create rooms which are full of character and to bring the garden 'into' the living space.

With its endless spectrum of applications, Giants windows sliding doors combines maximum comfort with maximum durability and safety.

The double rail frame used in this series means that all sections can be sliding sections, thus allowing the window to slide open to the left or the right.

The profile design was developed in this way to limit the visual impact of the frame to the minimum. Even so, these narrow profile sections can still be used to create windows of considerable size when used in combination with specially-developed auxiliary profiles which are designed to ensure the best solution for any given application, dimension and loading.

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