System Information

Our standard security doors always include:

  • Flat threshold in aluminium
  • Safety door locks with 2 or 4 automatic dead bolts (Click here to see image)
  • Standard handles
  • Lock with 3 keys
  • Safety door locks with 2 or 4 automatic dead bolts


  • Simply close the door - two ( or four ) latches automatically throw 20 mm and rigid deadbolts which are locked against being forced back.
  • The deadbolt of the door lock produces a three (or five) point locking of the door.


  • From outside, the release of a door pulled shut is effected by a turn of the keys from inside via door handle.


  • Improved protection against burglary
  • The door is prevented from warping since it is always locked
  • VDS tested to safety class A
  • Entrance doors with GU – Secury automatic door locks are tested to ENV 1627 abd rated WK 2 and WK 3
  • Reversible latches and deadbolting latches provide DIN lh and DIN rh use of the locks
  • Extensive range of GU-Secury accessories
  • Suitable for PVC, timber and aluminium doors
  • Optimum corrosion protection with hardware surface sealing

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